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...  The Shetland Sheepdog resembles a Rough Collie, but is much smaller in size. These small to medium sized Dogs have a sturdy build, a very sweet face, and an intelligent expression. He has a long ...
2. Collie - Care and Grooming
(Dog Breeds/Breeds)
Collie Temperament A well balanced, sociable, and intelligent breed, the Collie is a dog that makes an excellent family pet, offering a good natured personality, plenty of affection and devotion, and bags ...
3. Meet Jilly PoochesnPoodles Dog Groomer
(Our Services/Our Services)
4. Ear Infections
Having an ear that constantly buzzes or is painful can be very irritating and also quite upsetting for your dog. Ear infections in Dogs may be minor or chronic, and can be a product of various factors. ...
5. Dog Boils
A common canine infection, pus-filled boils can be really painful for your dog. Boils or 'Furuncles' are generally abscesses that are deep localized skin infections. A boil in the ...
6. Arthritis in Dogs
Arthritis is generally a medical term that denotes any kind of abnormalities or changes in the joints and the structural architecture of the body. It might be the result of an infection, ...
...  HD, and allergies. Parents of the Border Terrier puppy should have OFA and CERF certificates. Border Terrier History Like the Border Collie, the Border Terrier was developed on the borders of Englan ...
Bearded Collie Temperament The Bearded Collie is a happy-go-lucky, carefree dog with plenty of life and energy, and a good natured disposition. He has an inquisitive nature, and loves getting involved ...
The Border Collie originated in the border country between Scotland and England where the shepherds' breeding selection was based on biddable stock sense and the ability to work long days on rugged terrain. ...
10. Your Dogs Health
Dogs can't speak, which can make it difficult to let us know where it hurts or how they are feeling, so it's the responsibility of you and your veterinarian to keep him healthy. Dogs are very good at hiding ...
11. Dog Grooming in New Addington
(Areas We Cover/Areas we cover)
Need a Dog Grooming in New Addington? Jill Colliers PoochesnPoodles New Addington operates a comprehensive mobile Dog Grooming service ideal for anyone preferring to have their dog groomed in their own ...
12. Mobile Dog Grooming in Bromley BR3
(Areas We Cover/Areas we cover)
13. Mobile Dog Grooming in Bromley BR1
(Areas We Cover/Areas we cover)
Seeking a Mobile Dog groomer in BR1 Bromley Kent ?. PoochesnPoodles operates a comprehensive mobile Dog Grooming service ideal for anyone preferring to have their dog groomed in their own home in BR1 Bromley, ...
14. Bathing Basics
(Tips and Advice/Tips and Advice)
15. Dog Grooming Pratt's Bottom
(Areas We Cover/Areas we cover)
16. Dog Grooming Green Street Green
(Areas We Cover/Areas we cover)
17. Dog Grooming in West Wickham
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18. Shortlands Dog Grooming
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19. Dog Grooming in Bickley
(Areas We Cover/Areas we cover)
20. Mobile Dog Grooming Penge
(Areas We Cover/Areas we cover)
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