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Dog Nutrition

You need to make sure your dog is getting the right balance of foods each day. The different considerations are protein, carbohydrates and good fats. Eating a well-balanced meal will ensure a long and happy life, a beautiful coat, and a lot of energy.

Many people are unsure of the proper balance for their dog’s diet. The general rule includes the following:

· 2-25% protein
· 20-35% fat
· 40-60% carbohydrates

In addition to those important elements; Dogs also need vitamins and minerals. Their needs are a bit different than human needs, however. One of the most important needs is vitamin B1. This is one that Dogs do not store well in their bodies and is not often found in dog food.

It is necessary to note that feeding your dog a diet of lean meat alone will not help them meet the requirements. Dogs in nature eat their prey whole, which does contain everything they need. It’s your job as a dog owner to come as close to nature as possible.

There have even been studies about the habits of Dogs and what they eat. These studies have revealed that Dogs prefer to have their food cooked and mushy rather than raw and meaty. Even so, Dogs will likely eat most things that are put in front of them so you must do the job of differentiating for them.

Most people tend to feed their Dogs commercially available food. These are often fortified with the necessary vitamins and mineral. Manufacturers know that these foods need to be easy for buyers to store. That is why they come in simple cans or bags and are a favorite of dog owners everywhere. The downside here is that this food can get expensive.

More and more people are starting to make their own dog food. It can be hard to balance the food just right, and you can’t base it solely off of what you eat. You need to extensively study the subject in order to make sure you’re giving your dog the best possible health.

There are some health issues that might pop up if pet owners are not careful. For example, putting too much milk powder in the food can cause scouring because Dogs have a hard time digesting lactose. Instead of creating your own recipes it’s important to find ones that are time tested.

Another thing to consider is that while Dogs enjoy chewing on bones it is important to avoid many of them. If they are small and have been cooked the bone is a lot more likely to splinter and cause problems. Avoid cooked chicken, lamb chop, and fish bones, as they are the biggest culprits. Be extra careful if you’re one who likes to feed their dog from the table.

You will live and learn about what is best for your dog. If he has a bad experience with a certain meal you will probably notice that he avoids it in the future. This is a natural instinct of survival that you should pay attention to. Following the unique diet requirements of Dogs is the best way to ensure that they are healthy and happy for a long time to come.

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