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Afghan Hound - Care and Grooming

The Afghan Hound is a lively and active creature with a very individual personality. You will find that some Afghan Hounds can be quite boisterous whereas others tend to be more reserved. These dogs are usually determined and quite independent - however, this is not a breed that likes to be left alone for long periods, and if neglected can become bored and destructive. Some Afghans have a tendency to become withdrawn without proper socialization, and therefore you should ensure that he is socialized at an early age. The Afghan Hound is best suited to those with some experience of dog ownership and training, as their stubborn streak can make training quite a challenge. Housebreaking can also be a challenge with this breed.

Owning an Afghan Hound can be challenging, as they can be resistant and defensive. They can be very fussy when it comes to their food, and they need plenty of attention to promote confidence and reduce the risk of boredom. These cautious dogs can be suspicious around strangers, and are often seen as aloof. They will bark to raise an alarm, and this makes them effective watchdogs. A well socialized Afghan should get on okay with other dogs, and will also get on well with older and more considerate children. Care should be taken around smaller animals, as he may chase them. He does need a fair amount of exercise, and is therefore not best suited to inactive families. Bear in mind that this is a very fast and agile dog, and therefore should always be in a safe, secure area when not on a leash or he might run away before you can catch him. High fences are essential, as the Afghan is a very adept jumper.

Afghan Hound Appearance

The Afghan Hound is a very dignified and regal looking dog with a long silky coat, which can come in all colors including blue, brindle, black, and cream, amongst others. The average height of this large breed is 25-28 inches, and the weight is 50-60 pounds. This is a dog that boasts a very luxurious coat, but this does mean that owners will have to be prepared to put in some hard work when it comes to grooming in order to keep the coat in good condition and to cut back on shedding.

Afghan Hound Grooming

The Afghan Hound has a silky and luxurious coat that can take quite some effort when it comes to grooming. You can expect to spend around three or four hours a week on grooming this breed. You will need to trim his bottom and keep his ear canals clean for health and hygiene reasons, and you may wish to get his coat trimmed every few months. This dog is a medium to high shedder, and therefore is probably not the best choice for those with allergies or those that have little time to spend on grooming their pets.

Afghan Hound Health Problems and Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of the Afghan Hound is around ten to twelve years. You should ensure that both parents of the puppy that you select have OFA and CERF certificates. Other health problems to look out for with the Afghan Hound include thyroid problems, OCD, and autoimmune problems. This breed can also be very sensitive to chemicals and medications

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