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Akita - Care and Grooming

The Akita Inu (Akita Dog) is a medium dog able to realise the work of a great dog. Being highest of the Japanese dogs, it has been used in activities that in other parts of the world have been used greater or specialized dogs. Through the years this dog to be hunter (from ducks to bears), dog of fight, symbol of wealth and prestige (to own a Akita was an honor only allowed to the nobility), symbol and talisman of good luck (as much that a statuette of the Akita occurs when is born it drinks or when somebody becomes ill), and from 1931 July the Japanese Ministry of Education declared National Monument.

But of all qualities, it is the fidelity to the perhaps most exceptional master. An anecdote, documented well since according to it happened the entire world observed, is the one of a Akita that was to him faithful to its master until its death. Very common in many dogs, unless in this case the master died nine years before the dog. The story counts thus: Professor Eizaburo Ueno, resident of Tokyo, acquired one of these dogs. In sequence to go to his work, the professor had to take the train. In the morning the Akita, Hachiko call, accompanied to him until the station. In the evening Hachiko returned to the station and there it waited for his master who returned in the train of afternoon, accompanying it from return to the house. A day, the 25 of May of 1925, the professor underwent a fatal thrombosis in the work, not returning to the station where he waited for his faithful friend to him. Hachiko allowed to be taken care of by the relatives of the professor but all the afternoons, until the 8 of March of 1934 that died, went to the station to wait for the train of afternoon. Hachiko was eleven years and four when finally it managed to meet with his master. In the station, Shibyuo Station, built a statue in honor to the loyalty of Hachiko.

Te Akita also it is called “Japanese Akita” and “Akita to him Inu”. The word, or word, Japanese “Inu” is translated “Dog”; Akita Inu is similar to Akita Dog. Before Odate Inu”, or “Odate Dog” was called to him “by a city in the region of Akita. In English it is known him by “Akita”, “Akita Inu” and “Japanese Akita”.

A very dignified and devoted dog, the Akita is a powerful and protective pet that makes for a great watchdog. This is an independent and often strong willed breed, and this can make training difficult. However, this is also a dog that enjoys playing in the colder weather, although his exercise needs are by no means excessive. When it comes to other pets, the Akita can be dog aggressive with dogs of the same sex, and may also be aggressive around others smaller animals. This is a breed that is usually fine with children that live in household, but can be protective when other children are around and can also be aloof and stand offish with strangers.

The Akita is an intelligent and calm dog, but can be a challenge when it comes to training. His headstrong personality and stubbornness makes this a dog that is best suited for those with some level of experience in dog ownership. Whilst not an overly cuddly dog, the Akita is very loyal to his family. He can be very assertive, and when bored may become destructive or difficult to handle.

Akita Appearance

The height of the Akita is between 24-28 inches, and the weight is around 75-115 pounds. The coat of the Akita is harsh and straight, but has a softer, dense undercoat. There are various coat colors available, and this includes fawn, red, white, brindle, and silver. These dogs may also have a mask or blaze on the face, although not all Akitas have this. Although the grooming requirements for this breed are not overly high - to be done on a weekly basis - these dogs can be heavy seasonal shedders, and are therefore not best suited to those with allergies.

Akita Grooming

You will need to groom the Akita once a week, and in order to keep his coat in good condition you should use a grooming rake or pin brush. However, you should bear in mind that this is a dog that sheds heavily on a seasonal basis, and therefore grooming may need to be stepped up during this period.

Akita Health Problems and Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of the Akita is around 10-13 years. There are a number of health problems to look out for with this breed, and this includes luxating patella, thyroid problems, lupus, cancer, vWD, PRA, skin conditions, and autoimmune problems. Both parents of your puppy should have OFA and CERF certificates and be Thyroid tested.

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