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Beagle - Care and Grooming

The Beagle breed is a member of the hound group. They are very similar in appearance to the Foxhound, but are smaller with shorter legs, and with longer, softer ears. Beagles are scent hounds used primarily for hunting rabbits to larger hares.   


Beagle Temperament

Playful, good natured, and very sociable, the Beagle is a dog that is well suited to inexperienced dog owners as well as the more experienced. These are dogs that are well suited to households with children, as they get along well with kids. They also get on well and enjoy the company of other dogs in their pack. They have a tendency to chase smaller animals. The Beagle is a dog with bags of love and attention to give to his family. He is always happy to see you when you come home, and will wag his tail of and greet you with kisses. He is a dog that loves to explore and follow his nose! Sometimes his curious streak (what is that lovely smell and where is it coming from?) can lead him into trouble and even danger. Beagles love food and are always "starving hungry", or so they pretend, which makes them prone to obesity. So you must only feed him the right amount of food to fulfill his daily nutritional requirements, and no more.

Obedience training of a consistent nature is essential for this breed, as he can otherwise be stubborn and this can make it hard to get him to obey you. Younger Beagles love to chew, so don't leave this breed alone with your best furniture. The Beagle has a bright and cheerful disposition, and is a great companion dog. With strangers the Beagle can be vocal and territorial and their alertness and tendency to bark as a warning makes them good watchdogs. This breed loves to eat and when steal food whenever given the chance. He can also be very difficult to housebreak. The Beagle's tendency to wander off and explore means that you should ensure that he is in a very safe and secure, fenced area if he is allowed to play off the leash. He is an excellent digger and climber, and will dig under, or climb his way over, the fence if he sets his mind on it, so you must ensure that your fence is secure enough to keep him secure.

Beagle Appearance

There are two sized of Beagle, and in terms of height these vary from up to t13 inches and from 13-15 inches. The weight of a Beagle can vary from 16-30 pounds depending on his height. These dogs have short, sleek, and dense coats, and the coloring of the coat can vary and includes red and white, tan and white, lemon and white, blue shading, and the most common, which is tri-colored with black, tan and white. The ears of the breed fall to the sides of the face, and these dogs have wallowing dark eyes and an intelligent expression.

Beagle Grooming

The short, sleek coat of the Beagle does not take much in terms of maintenance, and a quick brushing and occasional wipe down with a damp cloth should help to keep the coat in good, glossy condition. You should ensure that you clean the ears of the Beagle regularly to reduce the chances of infections. He is a moderate year round shedder.

Beagle Health Problems and Life Expectancy

The Beagle has a life expectancy of around 10-14 years. There are various health problems and issues linked to this breed, and some of these include thyroid problems, epilepsy, spinal problems, cataracts, glaucoma, retinal atrophy, hip dysplasia, and bleeding disorders. The parents of your Beagle puppy should have CERF and OFA certificates.

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