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Border Terrier - Care and Grooming

In 1880, the first written record of this breed appeared. It described the terriers of Northumberland and Westmorland. The Border Terrier was commonly known as both the Reedwater Terrier and the Coquetdale Terrier. These dogs were created to fill the need of dogs who could keep up with horses but were still small enough to go to ground after a fox. 

Border Terrier Temperament

A spirited, keen, and friendly little dog, the Border Terrier is an alert and enthusiastic dog, with a good nature, plenty of energy, and lots of determination. Although the Border Terrier can sometimes be quite easygoing, laid back, and sensible, at other times he can be filled with energy and spirit, with plenty of stamina and the determination to get out there, explore, and have some fun. The curious nature of the Border Terrier can lead him into trouble, so make sure that he is not let loose unless in a safe and secure area such as your fenced garden. This is a responsive dog that is willing and eager to please, but at the same time his high energy levels and spirit may make him better suited to those with some experience of dog ownership and training.

The Border Terrier is known to get along very well with children, and in most cases will get on with other pets that he is raised with, particularly other dogs. However, the Border Terrier may hunt smaller animals such as rodents, so bear this in mind when considering this breed if your child has a favorite pet hamster that likes to run around the bedroom! This breed is usually fine with strangers and his tendency to bark makes him an effective watchdog. This is a responsive breed when it comes to training, and those with the experience and know how can use the right attitude to get the best out of this plucky little dog.

Border Terrier Appearance

The height of the Border Terrier is around 11-15 inches, and the weight is around 12-20 pounds. This is a little dog with a big personality. His double coat is harsh on the exterior and close underneath. The coloring of the Border Terrier can vary and includes grizzle with tan, blue with tan, or red. He has alert eyes and an inquisitive expression, and his ears hang folded to the top sides of his head, adding to his alert look. Although small, the Border Terrier is a robust and sturdy little dog.

Border Terrier Grooming

The coat of the Border Terrier needs to be brushed on a weekly basis, and you may wish to get it clipped every few months or so to keep it looking its best. For show dogs the dead coat is stripped every few months. Clip out any known in the coat when grooming, and bathe the Border Terrier only when necessary. This is a low shedding dog, and therefore may be suitable for people with allergies providing he is groomed regularly.

Border Terrier Health Problems and Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of the Border Terrier is around 12-15 years, sometimes longer. There are some health problems to look out for with the Border Terrier and some of these include Legg Perthes, cataracts, luxating patella, thyroid problems, autoimmune problems, seizures, heart murmurs, PRA, HD, and allergies. Parents of the Border Terrier puppy should have OFA and CERF certificates.

Border Terrier History

Like the Border Collie, the Border Terrier was developed on the borders of England and Scotland in the UK. These dogs were once known as Reedwater Terriers, and were developed for hunting in the countryside along with foxhounds.

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