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Boxer - Care and Grooming

The Boxer's historical background begins in feudal Germany. Here, a small, courageous hunting dog with mastiff-type head and undershot bite was used to secure a tenacious hold on bull, boar, or bear--- pending the hunter's arrival. He became a utility dog for peasants and shop owners. His easy trainability even found him performing in the circus. In the 1880s, descendants of this type of dog were bred to a taller, more elegant English import, and the era of the modern Boxer had begun. Imported to America after the first World War, his popularity really began in the late 1930s. His appeal in the show ring led to four "Best in Show" awards at prestigious Westminster Kennel Club between 1947 and 1970. 

Boxer Temperament

The Boxer is a dog that is very good natured, and has plenty of affection, devotion, and love to give to his family. This is a dog that is friendly and playful, and craves attention - but has plenty of attention to give too. For those looking for a dog with bags of energy and a real people lover, the Boxer is the perfect choice. The energy levels of the Boxer do start to calm as he grows older, but this does not affect his playful and loving nature. At the same time the Boxer manages to be very dignified and steady. Some boxers can be headstrong and even animated in the way that they act, and their protective nature and love of their family makes them effective watchdogs.

The Boxer is known to get along very well with children, and loves to play with them. However, do bear in mind the size of this dog if considering a Boxer in a household with very small children. When properly socialized the Boxer should get along well with other pets, although some can be dominant and aggressive with other dogs of the same sex. When it comes to strangers the Boxer's response may vary - some may be very friendly and welcoming and others may be simply polite or even aloof and wary. This is a dog of high intelligence and a headstrong nature, which means that training can be a challenge. Although this breed is suited to inexperienced dog owners, confidence and assertiveness is required in order to maintain effective leadership.

Boxer Appearance

The Boxer is a dog that has a square built and strong, athletic limbs. He carries himself with grace and dignity, and his expressions are known to reflect his emotions. He has erect ears when cropped, which add to his alert expression, and a blunt muzzle. The coat of the Boxer is tight fitting, hard, short, and sleek, and the coloring of the Boxer is fawn or brindle with white markings. The Boxer weighs in at around 50-85 pounds, and the height of the Boxer is around 21-26 inches. The Boxer has distinctive drooping jowls.

Boxer Grooming

When it comes to grooming the requirements for a Boxer are relative low, as he has a sleek, tight fitting coat that needs minimal attention. An occasional brushing of his coat will keep it sleek and free of dead hair. You may need to step up the brushing during seasonal heavier shedding. You should also check his nails during grooming sessions.

Boxer Health Problems and Life Expectancy

The Boxer has a life expectancy of around 8-12 years, and there are a number of health issues that are linked to this breed. Some of the health problems to look out for include bloat, colitis, cancer, respiratory problems, thyroid problems, and heart problems. Also, remember that this is a short muzzle dog, and strenuous exercise can add to respiratory issues. As a short haired dog he also need shade and to be kept out of extreme temperatures. The parents of the Boxer should have OFA and CERF certificates.

Boxer History

The Boxer was developed from European bulldogs and originates from Germany, where he was bred to be a fighting dog and a bull baiter.

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