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Briard - Care and Grooming

Briard Temperament

Gentle, loving, and devoted, the Briard is a dog that has bags of personality and is very independent. These loyal dogs are very devoted to their owners, and also very protective, making them very effective watchdogs. The Briard is a very intelligent dog with a lively and spirited disposition, but can also be serious and calm when he wants to be. These are dogs that will adapt well to their owners and will be happy to go along with whatever the owner wants to do, whether its to sit indoors or whether its to go and enjoy some play and exercise. The high intelligence of the Briard means that he needs to have mental stimulation in the activities that the owner provides for him to keep him keen, interested, and alert.

As with most herding dogs, the Briard still has that herding instinct in him, and will often try and herd people or animals by pushing them with his head. These are sensitive dogs, but can also be quite confident, and in some cases can be territorial when it comes to other animals. The Briard tends to get along well with other animals that it has been raised with, and also with children that it has been raised with. When it comes to strangers, the Briard can be stand offish and reserved, however. The Briard has a good memory, which can help when it comes to training.

Briard Appearance

The Briard weighs in at around 55-100 pounds, and the height of these dogs is around 22-27 inches. This is a well built dog, and has an athletic body and great agility. The Briard has a graceful stature, and one of the distinctive features of the breed is his double rear dewclaws. The coat of the Briard is long, hard, and has a dense undercoat. He is a medium shedder. The coloring of these dogs includes various shades of tawny, gray, or black.

Briard Grooming

The Briard is a medium shedder, and his long, dense coat will need to be combed around twice a week, although this will have to be done more regularly during the periods when he is shedding more heavily. Puppies may need more regular grooming even when not shedding heavily.

Briard Health Problems and Life Expectancy

The Briard has a life expectancy of around 10-12 years. A number of health problems and disorders are associated with this breed, and this includes thyroid problems, eye disorders, HD, PRA, and bloat. The parents of the Briard puppy should have OFA and CERF certificates.

Briard History

The Briard originates from the Brie region in France, and his ancestry dates back over one thousand years. Bred as a herding dog, this dog was known as the Berger De Brie, which translates to the shepherd dog of Brie.

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