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Bull Terrier - Care and Grooming

This breed, a cross between the Old English Terrier and the Bulldog, was created in Great Britain in the 1800s. It is also called the English Bull Terrier. There are two types of Bull Terriers: White and Colored.   

Bull Terrier Temperament

The Bull Terrier is a determined and headstrong creature, with an outgoing personality. This is a breed that needs to be properly socialized early on, as they can otherwise have an aggressive nature. Instinctive fighters, the Bull Terrier is usually aggressive towards other dogs and can be a danger around smaller animals such as cats and rabbits, seeing them as prey. The Bull Terrier can be okay around children, but is not recommended with younger kids, and should definitely be socialized early on. Depending on the personality of the individual dog, strangers may be greeted with a huge welcome by the Bull Terrier, but others may not be quite as welcoming.


The Bull Terrier has a dominant personality, and for this reason is best suited to those with some experience of dog ownership. You will need to reinforce your leadership through assertive and confident training and handling. This breed has bags of energy, and likes to be a part of the family action. You should not neglect the Bull Terrier, as he will otherwise become bored and destructive. The Bull Terrier can make an effective watchdog, and will bark to raise the alarm. And when it comes to their food, these dogs can display real possessiveness.

Bull Terrier Appearance

A sturdy and muscular dog, the Bull Terrier is not classed as the most attractive of dogs, but does have an appearance that would most likely put off any intruders or aggressors! Although not a large dog, the Bull Terrier can be quite intimidating simply because of his appearance. The weight of the Bull Terrier is around 30-80 pounds, and the height is around 15-22 inches. The coat is short, flat, and close fitting, and the coloring of the Bull Terrier can be pure white, white with black patches, black and tan, fawn, and brindle. His ears stand erect, and his eyes look quite tiny in relation to the length of his muzzle.

Bull Terrier Grooming

The coat of the Bull Terrier is close fitting, flat, and short, and grooming requirements are not excessive. Occasional brushing of the coat will keep it in good condition, and you can keep the coat looking glossy and shiny with a rub down with a damp cloth.

Bull Terrier Health Problems and Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of the Bull Terrier is around 11-14 years, and there are a number of health problems that are associated with this breed, which include deafness, heart problems, renal cortical hypoplasia, luxating patella, lens luxation, thyroid problems, seizures, allergies, and skin conditions. Parents of the Bull Terrier puppy should have OFA certificates.

Bull Terrier History

The Bull Terrier originates from Great Britain, and was developed in the early nineteenth century. These dogs were pitted against other dogs for fighting, and were also used to kill vermin and bait bulls.

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