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Danger Antifreeze

Many people are unaware that some common substances regularly found around the house and yard can seriously affect your dog's health. One of these is antifreeze. When you change your car's antifreeze you may inadvertently allow some spillage or your car can develop an antifreeze leak.

Antifreeze contains ethylene glycol that is poisonous to dogs and cats. Just one teaspoon of ethylene glycol could be enough to kill a seven pound cat. Antifreeze is especially attractive to dogs that will lick it up quickly and ingest large amounts toxic to their body system.

Animals find the taste and smell of antifreeze appealing. It takes no more than 60 milliliters of antifreeze to kill a 30-pound dog. Therefore if you have any spills of antifreeze on the floor always make sure it is thoroughly cleaned up before letting your pet into the area, even a small puddle can be lethal to your pet. Always make sure containers are well sealed and kept out of reach of your pet.

If you suspect your pet has ingested antifreeze take it to the vet immediately. The telltale signs of antifreeze poisoning are as follows:

Within no more than 30 minutes of ingesting the poison the animal will display signs of drunkenness, followed by what appears to be a state of recovery.

The animal may also show signs of listlessness, a frequent need to drink or vomit and frequent urination.

If your pet is not taken to the vet within 12 hours of ingesting this poison it will begin to suffer kidney failure.


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