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Ear Infections

Having an ear that constantly buzzes or is painful can be very irritating and also quite upsetting for your dog. Ear infections in dogs may be minor or chronic, and can be a product of various factors. Generally, infection of the outer ear canal by parasitic organisms like bacteria and yeast is common in cases of canine ear infections. The condition is medically known as Otitis Externa. Though more common in drop-ear dogs, ear infections might pose as a health hazard in any breed of dog. If left unattended, infections in the ears can perforate the ear drums and also travel to the brain and cause serious damage. In this article we have explicated various issues related to canine ear infections.


Read these symptoms to understand if your dog is a victim of ear infection

  • Bad odor in ears
  • Black or yellow discharge from ears
  • Lethargy and irritation
  • Scratching or rubbing of head and ears
  • Signs of painful or tender ears
  • Soreness or visible redness in ear flap or canal
  • Vigorously shaking the head or tilting it to one side


Learn the various causes that might lead to ear infections in dogs
A dog can easily get allergic to certain food or certain things they inhale. In this case, the allergic reactions might surface up as an ear infection.

Dark and moist environment lead to ear canals being a suitable place for microorganisms like yeast and bacteria to breed & multiply. The problem gets aggravated in breeds that have long and droopy ears.
Different types of bacteria and yeasts are also major sources of ear infection. If the ear environment loses its defense mechanism, they can easily multiply and cause critical damage to the ear.

Excessive or low secretion of hormones might hamper the constitution of your pet, by leading to various ear infections. Thyroid hormones, sex hormones and glucocorticoids play a major role in such cases.
Some ear problems are hereditary and congenitally passed to the offspring from the parent. Diseases like Dermatomyositis, Primary Seborrhea and some tumors in the ears fall under this category.

Sometimes, foreign materials like plant awns or bristles might find a way to the ear canal of your dog and cause severe itching. Vigorous scratching to soothe the irritation might affect the ear. The ear mite (Otodectes cynotis) can be a cause of air infection in dogs. Presence of ear mites may cause excessive discomfort and the resultant scratching might create various problems in the ears.


Do away with ear infections in your dogs with these helpful treatments.
Clip or trim excess hair present near the ears. Long hair facilitates the growth of various bacteria and ear parasites. Don't let debris accumulate in your dog's ears and clean his ears with a proper ear cleaner once a while.

In case of yeast infections, a proper antifungal will help you effectively eliminate the problem.
Prescribed antibiotics can be taken to get rid of various bacterial infections in the ear. Make sure to consult your veterinarian before giving it. Various medicines and ear-solutions can be either injected or topically administered by a veterinarian to curb the problem.  Various therapies and medical treatments (immunotherapy) are necessary if the problem is hormone-related or due to certain allergies.

Remember, having a diseased dog in the household is not very pleasant. So, it is very important that you routinely check your dog's ears and keep them clean. Remove earwax and other accumulated waste two to three times a week if your dog has a history of ear infections or has floppy ears. Immediately consult a veterinarian if your pet displays any odd behavior associated with ear infections.

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