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Grooming Basics

Grooming isn't just about making your dog look good. Regular care removes dead hair, keeps the coat and skin healthy, and gives you the opportunity to check your pet's general health. It's also important time spent together, building your relationship, trust and understanding. There's even scientific evidence that grooming sessions reduce stress, and blood pressure, for both of you!


When to groom
Regardless of whether your dog's coat is full or clipped short, coarse or fine, it needs some care. Most vets advise grooming on a daily basis to prevent tangles. It will also reduce the amount of hair shed in your home.

What you need
Start out with a double sided brush - one side with soft bristles, the other with cushioned stainless steel pins (pinhead brush). If your dog has long hair, you may also need a comb with wider teeth and a 90-degree angle between teeth and handle. Combs are useful tools for the removal of thickened mats. Lastly, you'll need a 'rubber-grooming mitt'. Rubber mitts feel like vigorous petting to Dogs, so they tend to enjoy them.

How to groom
Start off by using your fingers to carefully loosen matted hair from sensitive skin. Never use scissors to cut out matts. Combs are a safe and comfortable choice around the head and neck, the area surrounding the anus and base of the tail, the legs and the lower abdomen. When using a comb, brush with the grain. Use rubber grooming mitts, with their dull-tipped rubber 'teeth', to pull loosened hairs from the coat.

Clipping the coat
Clipping the coat can be important when matts are large and cannot be removed by hand without discomfort. In the heat of summer, you'll have a very grateful dog. If you are uncertain, ask a professional groomer. There can be other practical reasons why clipping is appropriate for your dog, such as keeping hair out of the eyes and hygiene. Also be aware that there are some situations where clipping is not appropriate - for example, Dogs with long hair between their toes.

Professional grooming
Extensive matting or snarls can present a grooming dilemma. Left alone, they can accelerate the matting of surrounding hairs. If your dog has a challenging coat, enjoys a daily dip in the pond, or if you would rather spend your time walking and not combing, consider regular visits to a professional groomer. A good groomer can provide a soothing bath, gentle hair drying and a thorough brushing. If you ask for advice, you'll be surprised at how much you'll also learn.

Certain breeds, such as Poodles and Bichon Frises, do not moult naturally and require regular professional grooming.

Grooming has a double benefit. Brushing distributes protective oils throughout the coat, keeping the skin clean and healthy. And the act of grooming is soothing for both you and your dog. But because different types of coats need different grooming techniques, you need to know how to deal with different lengths of hair.

Grooming a smooth coat
Dogs with smooth coats, unlike longhaired varieties, don't need a lot of grooming. They should have a regular brush once a week, which helps to remove dead skin cells and shed hair. First, use a rubber brush to loosen dead hair and dirt, then remove the dirt and hair with a bristle brush.

Grooming a short coat
A dog with a short coat requires regular grooming to prevent matted hair. Begin with a pinhead brush to remove mats and knots, then follow with a bristle brush to remove the dead hair and dirt. Never cut out matts using scissors.

Grooming a long coat
Long coats obviously need daily attention. Begin using a pinhead brush or comb to untangle matted hair. Never cut out matts using scissors. Comb the hair with a wide-toothed comb, taking particular care around the backside, tail and legs. Trim any hairs that have got out of control.

Grooming a silky coat
Silky coats also need a lot of attention. Start by teasing out tangles with a pinhead brush or comb, then, to bring out the natural shine, use a bristle brush. To give your dog a bit of style, opt for a centre parting, brushing downwards on either side. Trim wayward hairs.

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