Poodles N Pooches Dog Grooming Service in Bromely, West Wickham, Orpington, Locksbottom

Our Dog Grooming Services

Any dog - and all shapes and sizes - catered for!

Because I only work on a one to one basis all grooming is strictly by appointment only. Please call 07966 935476 or use our contact form.

At PoochesnPoodles we use only professional Dog Grooming products which are effective, yet gentle, using only natural products like evening primrose and tea tree oils, and a natural flea rinse. All our products are environmentally-friendly.

Our main aim is to provide a secure, safe and loving environment for your dog, on a one to one basis and to build their confidence over time to make the grooming process an enjoyable experience for them. We pride ourselves on being friendly and approachable and we will talk through your requirements before starting grooming.PoocesnPoodles Dog Grooming Bromley Whilst in our care, your pet will receive personal attention and the grooming carried out with patience and understanding.

I am happy to take on dogs whatever their temperament as I believe all dogs can be groomed with the right approach and kindness. Very often than not it is a nervous fear rather than agression. All I ask is to please warn me when booking if your dog may show any of these signs, that way I can apprach him/her with caution.  I have muzzles but have never had to use them at all as yet, I have experienced grumbles and growling and have managed to calm them down and ended up with lots of kisses not bites and of course my main concern a HAPPY DOG!

 A Poodles and Pooches Full Dog Groom Consists of a Head to Toe Treatment

  • Full gentle brush out using a variety of tools
  • Ears are cleansed and plucked if necessary
  • Anal glands are checked for health and hygiene
  • Tidying of the paws, around and under the pads
  • Tidying of the sanitary areas

Dog Grooms are styled to owner's wishes this can be either City & Guilds breed standard or your own style. Grooming includes

  • Hand Stripping, depending on the texture of the coat
  • Clipping, depending on the style
  • Thinning and/or Scissoring, depending on style
  • Nails clipped

Extra Special Care is given to dogs with sensitive skin and allergies.

Other treatments include;

  • Body Massaging
  • Treatment washes - Veterinary, Flee and Insecticidal
  • Ear cleaning
  • Nail clipping
  • Pedicures - Nails clipped, trimming of hair around the feet
    and between the pads. This stops them sliding around.

Your dogs grooming session will include a health check and advice where necessary, nail clipping, ears cleaning, full groom to remove matts or knots, and styled to your requirements.  On completion your dog will be handed back to you feeling, looking and smelling great! 

We will never hurry a dog, if they are nervous or old with aches and pains I will work with them which is why Iwe say “give or take hour” for my appointment times.  I endeavor to ensure the experience I offer to be one all dogs enjoy and look forward to!All initial appointments begin with a free consultation to enable us to tailor our programme to each dog’s (and owner’s) individual needs. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us

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