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Puppy Rules

Before you bring your puppy home, it's important to agree some house rules with every member of the family, especially children. Do you want your puppy to get up on the sofa for a cuddle, or is this a big no-no? Every house is different and it's up to you all to sort out what constitutes acceptable behaviour and what doesn't. But just having rules isn't enough - it's also important for everyone to apply them in a consistent manner once the puppy arrives.

You'll also want to develop your family's dog vocabulary. For example, which words will you all use to mean what during training and in general family life together?

  • Puppies need A LOT of sleep. When puppies are in their crate, don't disturb them.
  • Never tease your puppy.
  • If your puppy bites, the 'victim' should yelp loudly and then ignore it.
  • Your puppy should never be given scraps from the table, which encourages begging and may upset digestion.
  • Decide where the puppy can and can't go inside the house. Upstairs may be out of bounds, or the dining room, etc. Puppies shouldn't be allowed to climb stairs unsupervised and stair-gates are useful to restrict access.
  • Decide where the puppy will sleep - and stick to it. Smuggling pets into bed because they cry only teaches them that screaming the house down at night brings a reward!
  • Young children shouldn't pick up the puppy without supervision.
  • Your puppy shouldn't be disturbed when eating. Get between a hungry puppy and food and you might get a nip.
  • Draw up a rota. Who will feed and exercise the puppy and when? Training and grooming should be shared between all family members to build bonds.
  • All family members and visitors should be warned that anything left on the floor is fair game for the puppy. Homework, expensive trainers, handbags, laundry...everything should be out of reach!

It's important to let your dog know where they sleep at night. You can guarantee when your cute little puppy arrives everyone will want to have him/her sleep in their bed and not in the pre agreed place.
Don't let these mistakes happen, once your puppy gets used to sleeping in a different place to its agreed bed then it will want to sleep their all the time. Make sure they sleep in their proper place every night if you want to avoid yelping and winging all night long keeping the whole house up.

Puppies may miss their mother and other puppies which may cause whining also so be prepared for that but it should reside after a few weeks of getting used to its new house.

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