Affenpinscher – Care and Grooming

Affenpinscher – Care and Grooming

The Affenpinscher is a small dog with bags of curiosity and playfulness and is a great choice for those with little experience with dogs as well as for those that are more experienced dog owners.

This is a breed that is very playful and entertaining, and is alert and agile but can also be suspicious towards others and can be very stubborn and strong-willed. However, in most cases, these toy dogs will get on fine with other family pets, and with older, considerate children, although they are not recommended for families with younger, boisterous children.

You will need to quickly show this breed who is boss otherwise you may find your Affenpinscher to be very demanding and bossy. The Affenpinscher is a sensitive breed and is also intelligent and energetic. Their stubborn streak can make training a little difficult, however, and he can be hard to house train.

This is a breed that makes a very good watchdog, and also a great exercise companion for those that want some company whilst taking a stroll or a jog. Some Affenpinschers may be afraid of heights, so bear this in mind when picking your dog up, as he may panic and try and jump down. All in all, however, you will find this to be a fun-loving and loyal breed that makes for an excellent little pet.

Affenpinscher Appearance

The weight of the Affenpinscher is around 7-12 pounds and the height around 8-12 inches. He has a rough coat, which comes in a variety of colours including black and tan, black, grey, silver, and red. This is a sturdy little dog with an intelligent and alert expression. With proper grooming, this breed does not shed very much, which is good news for those with allergies. The ears of the Affen are usually cropped but can be left natural. Although sturdy in appearance, this breed is fine-boned, so you should make sure that his spirited personality doesn’t put him in dangers way, as he may try and jump around on and off furniture.

Affenpinscher Grooming

You should brush the coat of this breed once or twice a week to keep in good condition and to minimize on shedding. For show dogs, the coat may need to be stripped every few months, where the dead coat is stripped off. The coat may also require some clipping to keep in looking its best.

Affenpinscher Health Problems and Life Expectancy

The lifespan of the Affenpinscher is around twelve to fourteen years, and this is generally quite a healthy and robust breed. However, there are health problems that can run in lines, and some of the more common ones include heart murmurs, Legg Perthes, luxating patella, and kidney problems.

Affenpinscher History

The Affenpinscher originates from Germany, and his name literally translates as Monkey Terrier in German – he was given this name because of his monkey-like expression and face. The breed can be traced back to around the seventeenth century and was originally trained for ratting.

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