Airedale Terrier – Care and Grooming

Airedale Terrier – Care and Grooming

The Airedale terrier is known as the “king of terriers” partly for their size. They are about 60cm tall and vary in weight from 25kg for a small female to 35kg for a large male.

Airedale terriers can vary greatly from being quite finicky eaters to being prone to obesity. This breed is active and needs plenty of daily, regular exercise. Combining training with exercise is often a good move as Airedales thrive on mental and physical stimulation. Airedales tend to live for about 12 years.

You can count on your Airedale to sound an alarm for danger and will have the courage to back up that alarm. They can be quite protective of their families, especially small children. Early socialisation is important. Airedales can be quite stoic, and owners must be cautioned to be aware of any injuries.


Airedale Terrier as a Pet

The fun-loving Airedale makes a good family pet. In some cases, he may even become protective of the children in the home, but his large size and high activity level may prove too intense for extremely young kids.

The blending of hound and terrier has softened the personality of the Airedale. These are still tough dogs but usually, get along better with other dogs than many of the other terrier breeds. Airedales are tolerant of other pets they are raised with and generally get along well with children, though they can be a bit rambunctious for small children.

Airedales are somewhat aloof to strangers at first and need early socialisation and training. Airedales are very intelligent dogs but have a bit of stubbornness or independence. They require a firm, but a gentle hand from early puppyhood. Most Airedales are not big barkers, but true to their terrier heritage they can be serious diggers and chewers.

Airedales need human interaction to be happy.

Airedale Terrier Appearance

The height of the Airedale Terrier is around 22-24 inches, and the weight is around 45-70 pounds. This is a sturdy looking breed that is medium or large in size. His coat is hard and wiry, and the colouring of this dog is black or grizzle mixed with tan.

Underneath the hard exterior of the coat, there is a softer undercoat. He has a distinctive face and expression, with a beard that will need to be kept well-groomed.

Airedale Terrier Grooming

Grooming can vary quite a bit. Keeping an Airedale in show coat requires skilful hand stripping every couple of months. Most pet owners elect to go with clipping the curly coat down once or twice yearly. With the clipped coat, a quick brushing once or twice weekly is adequate. he good news is that this is a breed that is a very light shedder providing that he is properly groomed on a regular basis. Of course, this means that you will need to dedicate some time to grooming your Airedale Terrier. You should make sure that his beard is combed on a daily basis to keep it clean and hygienic, and his bottom will need to be kept trimmed. For show dogs, stripping of the dead coat may be required every few months. For Airedales owners can opt for clipping. A stiff bristle brush should be used a few times a week in order to keep the dog’s coat in good condition, and bathing is only required when necessary.

Airedale Terrier Health Problems and Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of the Airedale Terrier is around 10-14 years. There are a number of health problems to look out for with this breed, and this includes thyroid problems, bleeding disorders, vWD, allergies, and hip problems. Make sure that both parents of the puppy you plan to buy have OFA certificates.

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