Seven Point Grooming Check

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Health and Wellbeing Check

Everything I do at PoochesnPoodles is focused on the well being of your lovely dog. When any dog is brought to me for any type of groom it is essential that they are given a health evaluation. 

With every dog grooming appointment,  I will complete a basic health assessment of your dog, looking for any warning signs you may wish to investigate. Although there are rarely any serious issues to report, this information can assist you to maintain your dog’s health and well being.

There are lots of things that could stress a dog out whilst the groom is taking place and any un-necessary discomfort must be avoided at all costs. Your dogs comfort and well being is paramount when they are brought to PoochenPoodles for grooming.


The following is the essential pre dog grooming checklist:

  1. Skin – I check for any lumps and bumps.
  2. Nose – Should be wet, Cold (a dry nose doesn’t always mean illness, it could be a skin condition).
  3. Eyes  – Should be clear and bright.
  4. Nails –   At a manageable length and trimmed if too long.
  5. Teeth – Should be able to give me an idea of the age if not known.
  6. Bottom  – Should clean and clear and express if required.
  7. Ears –  Are checked that they  are clean and smell free

Each dog that visits PoochesnPoodles is given this seven-point check prior to grooming, and if any issues are found I will discuss them with you.

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