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We have put together our most Frequently Asked Questions hopefully they answer everything that you could want to know about our local dog grooming service. When grooming I work only on a one to one basis with your dog and never have any other client dogs here at the same time.  If you don’t find what you are looking for, let us know!
How long will the grooming take ?

This all depends on the individual pet as coat, condition, age, temperament, breed and style are all relevant factors. When we meet your pet we can discuss any relevant issues as each client is different.

My main concern is the welfare of your pet whilst in our care and to make it an enjoyable experience for both them and us. As a rule a full groom from start to finish takes about 2 hours, depending on the type and length of coat and the size of the animal. Hand stripping however may take anything up to 5 hours.

Our aim is to keep owners and pets happy so we can follow any special requirement eg: keeping eyelashes, cutting tails shorter etc.

How do I make an appointment?

I work on an appointment-only basis, please do not just turn up without an appointment. If you are a first time client it's probably best to call me on  07966 935476  so we can have a quick chat about your dog and what your requirements are.

You can also use the contact form or Facebook Live Chat button below. Alternatively, you can email me on 

How much does it cost ?

My aim is to treat dogs individually therefore I try to be fair by keeping my prices appropriate to the individual dog.

I am happy to give you an estimate for your dog please feel free to ask us. I want you and your dog to be happy and being able to afford the right care for your dog on a regular basis is key.

If you are a first time client it's probably best to call me on  07966 935476  so we can have a quick chat about your dog and what your requirements are.

You can also use the contact form or Facebook Live Chat button below. Alternatively, you can email me on

How often is Grooming Required

Most breeds should come for grooming  6 weeks or so but poodles and bichons should be every 4 – 5 weeks in order to stop their coats from becoming too knotty.

I am happy for you to bring your pet to me between clips just for a brush out to prevent matting under their armpits and legs. Especially if he/she will not let you groom them and you want their feathering left longer.

Will my Dog be muzzled?

I very seldom find it necessary to muzzle a dog and much prefer to build up a trust between Dog and Groomer.

However, dogs that show signs of aggression or biting may be muzzled for both their safety and ours. Although I must stress I have never needed to take this approach in the past. 

Can I bring treats for my dog?

Yes. We always encourage owners to bring a few treats to reward their dog. You are also welcome to bring one of your dog’s favourite toys or blanket if it makes them feel more at home.

We often give treats to the dogs and if your dog has a special diet or medical problem which does not permit this please inform us.

Will my dog be put in a cage?

No, I work on a one-to-one basis, so there is only ever one dog I am working on at a time.

I also only use hand dryers, not cage driers. If you have more than one dog, I can arrange to do them together.

When should I bring my puppy to be groomed?

As soon as a puppy has completed its vaccinations it should start making regular visits for grooming.

There are a lot of new experiences for your puppy to discover and the younger they start the easier it is for them. Puppy groom is half price.(Up to 6 months)

How much will it cost?

Charges will vary dependent on the breed of dog, the specified style & the condition of their coat.

When you call for an appointment we can give you a base price, which is set on a dog that conforms to the following:

  • Average Size/Coat,
  • Groomed regularly it is groomed
  • How co-operative your dog is
I wont be able to make my appointment, what do I do?

Please respect us by calling to cancel and re-schedule. We require 24 hours notice to allow us to fill the appointment.

Due to customers not calling to cancel /reschedule we have found it necessary to charge a 50% fee for all missed appointments less than 24hrs notice. 

Do I need to Groom in the Winter Months?

For some reason people think their pets do not need grooming during the winter months as they will be too cold!

This is a misconception if you think about it if your pet becomes knotted and matted they will retain water making your pet even colder and staying wetter for much longer.

So keeping your pet well-groomed throughout the winter will not only keep them feeling and looking great but you will not have that wet "doggy" smell or heavy muddy paws and coats!

I have a range of winter cuts to suit both you and your pet!

What if my dog is aggressive towards other dogs?

I only work one-to-one so the parlour is not full of lots of dogs.

Occasionally my own dog will walk in, in this case, I will make sure they are kept away.

I brush my dog regularly between grooms, so how come he always ends up with matts and knots?

Most dogs are prone to matting up in certain areas, normally around collars and harnesses, under arms and around the paws.

These areas are often more difficult to groom properly and require extra care when grooming out. Using the right equipment is vital and often matting occurs when either the wrong type of equipment or the wrong technique is used.

I can offer you advice on what to buy and how to use it properly, and I  also offer grooming lessons for the more high maintenance breeds.

How long does it normally take?
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Do I wait with my dog or can I leave him with you?

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Should I walk my dog before or after his grooming session?
Please make sure you walk your dog before your appointment. This releases energy and allows your dog time to toilet, before the grooming process starts. A good walk will make the grooming time easier and more enjoyable for your dog.
My dog sometimes acts a little strange after he has been to the groomers, why is this?

After your dog comes home from the grooming session, especially after a huge change, he may begin to feel weird. Your dog might even cower and hide from you, look angry or annoyed, even sad at times! It might be worrying, but this is actually totally normal dog behaviour after the drastic change. Just think how you might feel if you had a drastic hair cut and you did not ask for it.

Other dogs might have anxiety because of the clippers, being around other dogs, and other situations that arise at the groomers, etc. It is for this reason that I operate all grooming on a one to one basis with particular attention paid to nervous and older dogs.

My dog had very sensitive skin, can it still be groomed?

No matter their age, breed or gender, a dog’s skin provides several key health functions.  If your dog has sensitive skill a  professional groom for your dog can be a great way to get your dog’s coat (and skin) back to its best condition. Over the years I have seen lots of skin issues,  and as well as tailoring the cut to for your dog's sensitive skin I can recommend ideas for effective remedies.


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